Open Lecture: Municipal Policies, Social Participation and Sustainability Challenges in Purranque

On June 6, 2016, a group of researchers from Universidad de Los Lagos, lead by MIPP researcher Patricio Valdivieso, presented the results of a project on municipal policies, social participation and sustainability challenges in Purranque, location of the Osorno province, Los Lagos region.

Researchers from the Núcleo de Desarrollo Local, Regional y Gobernanza Medioambiental of Universidad de Los Lagos, met in the municipality of Purranque, Osorno, to attend a conference on the project ‘Política municipal, participación social y desafíos de sustentabilidad para la comuna de Purranque’ (FONDECYT/CONICYT 1140672).

In this meeting, MIPP researcher Patricio Valdivieso – principal researcher of the project-, presented the results of a field research about sustainability challenges, environmental risks, municipal organization, investment decisions, and social participation developed in Purranque. Valdivieso highlighted that a combination of institutional reforms and relations with society are key to improve the sustainability development of the community.

After the participation of other researchers of the project and a discussion with the municipal managers about policies and the ongoing initiatives to improve the environmental needs of the local community, the meeting concluded with the will to develop more studies on the field and to continue producing information to benefit the local governments and environmental sustainability.

Source: Universidad de Los Lagos.



Monday, June 6, 2016 - 17:00
Municipalidad de Osorno, Región de Los Lagos
Patricio Valdivieso