"The impact of public research contracts on scientific productivity"

We analyze a competitive research-oriented public program established in Spain,
the Ramon y Cajal Program, intended to o¤er contracts in public research centers to
high-quality researchers. We study the e¤ects of the Program on the ex-post scienti…c
productivity of its recipients, relative to unsuccessful applicants with comparable
curricula at the time of application. The full sample results demonstrate that the
Program has a positive and signi…cant e¤ect on the scienti…c impact of the recipients,
as measured by the average and the maximum impact factors, but the e¤ect on the
number of published papers is not signi…cant. Consequently, receiving a contract
does not signi…cantly a¤ect the quantity, but increases the quality, of the contract
recipients’publications. This result is primarily driven by the particular relevance of
experimental sciences in the Program.

Departamento de Economía Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 13:00 to 14:00
sala 23 de Ingenieria Industrial (Domeyko 2338, 2º piso, Santiago)