A successful completion of the 2nd Santiago Finance Workshop

On December 12 and 13, researchers and academics from Chile and the world gathered for the 2nd Santiago Finance Workshop (SFW), an annual event organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEN), the Finance Center (CF), the Department of Industrial Engineering (DII) and the Millennium Institute (MIPP).

This year’s workshop was another great success. “The efforts of the organizers really paid off in a satisfactory way. The quality of the presenters was one of the highest – all published researchers in the best journals of Economics and Finance. This year we received about 200 submissions by academics who wanted to be part of our workshop in Chile” says Alejandro Bernales, professor at Department of Industrial Engineering, Universidad de Chile, and MIPP researcher.

The attendees of the 2nd Santiago Finance Workshop (SFW) participated in two full days of discussions on current financial topics such as household finances, personal bankruptcy, consumption credit, and commodity and asset prices.

This year’s keynote speakers were Eduardo Schwartz and Michael Brennan, distinguished academics from UCLA, more specifically from the Anderson School of Management, who presented the other researchers and assistants with their latest work on commodity and asset prices.


High Standard of Research

Michael Brennan, acknowledged professor at the Anderson School of Management, presented his research paper, titled “Practical Pricing” during the second day of the workshop.

“This is my first time attending the Santiago Finance Workshop in Chile. This event is of a very high standard, with researchers and academics from Europe and the United States, and I found it very interesting”, said the second day’s keynote speaker.

“It is very good that distinguished academics come to Chile to learn about the research that is happening in the country, and also interact with members of the Universidad de Chile”, he added.

“Chile has quite a tradition of sending people to study abroad and that creates great interaction, but it is also important that academics come here to be directly introduced to the research being done”, concluded the researcher


Check out the SFW2016 video, press here 


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