Patricio Valenzuela to participate in online course on Financial Education

This initiative, product of an alliance among University of Chile (UAbierta), University de la Frontera, and the Centre for Excellence in the Psychology of Economics and Consumption (CEPEC), seeks to improve the poor grasp of Financial Education among Chileans

The latest initiative of MIPP is the launching of a massive and open online course that aims to bridge the gap in Financial Education among Chileans.

The course, which will start on March 7th 2017, will be co-headed by Patricio Valenzuela, assistant professor of Finance and Economy in U Chile as well as a researcher for the MIPP.

Titled "Financial Education for Citizens", the course will address issues such as consumerism and identity, savings, investment, and financial inclusion. Apart from the assigned weekly readings, the course will also provide audiovisual materials and interviews of experts in the field, in order to contextualize the above-mentioned issues.

A National Problem

The course comes at a time when Chilean citizens seem to be lacking basic financial concepts. The classes are designed to deliver economic ideas and tools with the purpose of cultivating consumers who are critical, responsible, and efficient.

"Financial Education for Citizens" is similar to other UAbierta courses in that it is free of charge, massive, online, and open to all interested parties without any educational pre-requisites.

Students can access course content by merely signing up at www.uabierta.uchile.cl.

Other Initiatives of the Millenium Institute (MIPP)

For a long time, financial education has been absent in educational and governmental policies. Given this context, MIPP and Patricio Valenzuela have undertaken several initiatives throughout 2016 in order to amend the shortcomings.

For instance, MIPP and the Superintendence of Banks and Financial Institutions (SBIF) have recently signed a collaboration agreement to generate activities that research, develop, and disseminate ideas related to financial education and inclusion.

Similarly, both institutions, together with the Millenium Scientific Initiative (ICM), have created the  Education and Financial Inclusion Award that is given during a contest with the same name.

Another note-worthy activity organized by MIPP and Congress of the Future was a lecture titled "The Science Dialogues: Financial Education for the Youth". The talk was given to over five hundred third and fourth-year high-school students, who had the opportunity to learn more about finances and the different financial instruments that exist in the market today.

Finally, we have also participated in the making and distribution of a calendar for various high schools. The main topic of the 2016 issue of the calendar is Financial Education for children, so it was specifically designed with the young ones in mind. The project was brought to life thanks to the collaboration between four important institutions, namely the Ministry of Education, UNICEF Chile, MIPP, and SBIF.

For more information please visit www.mipp.cl

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